new beginnings

As 2017 has come to an end, I wanted to take some time to reflect and share with my supporters.

If you've been following me closely, you'll know that the past two years have been especially difficult for me. It seemed like hardships were coming one after another and I began to lose hope. Spring/summer 2017 was mostly spent at home curled up in pain. Chronic pain, autoimmune disease, and PTSD made it nearly impossible for me to work at full capacity. Meanwhile, hospital bills continuously racked up. I slipped into depressive episodes and isolated for weeks at a time. Activities that used to bring me so much joy began to feel like chores. To put it simply, I was a shell of a person and every part of my life was affected.

About a month ago, I sat down and told myself that something good needed to come my way. I didn't know what exactly would happen, but I knew I couldn't continue to live like this. Soon after, by chance, I ran into some incredible people who shared the same vision as me and we hit it off right away. I proposed working together and after a few meetings, we realized it was a perfect fit.

I officially signed on this morning, on the last day of the most despairing year of my life so far. To me, this is a turning point. I have hope, something I haven't had in a long time. Today is a day of gratitude for my new work family and for this opportunity. I promise to do my best and never take this position for granted.

Thank you to my supporters who stuck with me even when I wasn't producing content. I appreciate your understanding and kindness. My health is finally starting to improve so you'll be seeing more of me in 2018! Hopefully I will be well enough to meet some of you in person this year too :)

So, what is this new job of mine? I am now the PR & Digital Content Director for Klarif. Yes, the brand I recently shared in my Christmas shopping story! I'll be communicating with influencers and connecting them with this great cruelty-free range of products. While this may not seem like a big deal to many, it's exciting for me to work with a brand that shares my values and is founded on a story that I connected with. I can't wait to build relationships with some incredible artists and content creators in 2018!

Thanks for reading about this moment of positivity in my life. Here's to many more. Wishing you all a safe new year filled with joy and good health.